Celebration means food

Those who know me might be surprised that I don’t really cook – at least, not very well – considering that I grew up around food. I was spoiled, really. My mother & aunts cooked and I never developed any urge to learn how to cook myself. But regardless of my lack of culinary skills, I am obsessed with documenting things related to food – whether it’s trips, restaurants, dinners my husband made, things I made for myself (usually involves simple breakfasts & lunches), or what I found at the grocery store, I am always looking for an opportunity to document food. I feel that food brings people closer together – families can gather around a table and have conversations, all the while eating a meal. Now that Thanksgiving is near, there’s no better time to show a few past images that involve food.

A sample of several occasions that involved FOOD: (see pics in order)

#1. That one time my family and I took a trip on a whim to the beach. Oregon beaches aren’t known to be nice & warm, and on that day it was no exception. But regardless, we all stopped by a local seafood restaurant and had fantastic fish & chips- the ambiance made the experience worth it.

#2. A view of the Oregon Maritime Museum from the edge of Tom McCall Waterfront Park. This park is in the heart of downtown, next to boating docks and fine dining restaurants, not to mention several bridges. This one overlooks the Steel Bridge.

#3. For my husband’s 30th birthday, we went to Screen Door – undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in town! Their chicken ‘n fried waffles were out of this world. Southern comfort breakfast food is popular in Portland – there are always lines out the door and down the block at this place.

#4 and #5. For our 7th anniversary, my husband and I went to Tasty n’ Sons, also a fine breakfast joint in Portland, famous for its ambiance and delicious food.

#6. Rust Coffee Lounge is a semi-new coffee bar in my neighborhood. Located conveniently next to my favorite public library, it’s known to drawn in locals on a regular basis. They always have treats for the little 4-legged friends!

#7-9. Once again, anniversary at Tasty n Sons.


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