Thanksgiving has come and gone. And it was a good one for me. I spent it with family, as it should be. We had a big traditional feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (the only thing I made!), stuffing, cranberry sauce, biscuits, and soup (made by my sister-in-law). As far as traditions go, this one is one that we adopted happily.

Growing up, I remember there were always many big feasts. In Vietnam, we didn’t have what we called Thanksgiving, but we did have many religious holidays that involved food. Whether that’s Chinese New Year, Christmas, or Easter, there was usually a gathering of family and friends, plus neighbors, together for a meal around a big table. I was just a little kid then – I didn’t realize the importance of getting together, and sitting down having a meal. In this day and age, especially in busy USA, it’s even more important to sit down and have a meal together.

Speaking of traditions, this little girl of mine grew a sudden interest in making pancakes, and it’s developing into a tradition between the two of us. About a month or so ago, I introduced her to (box) pancakes (like Krusteaz). I showed her how to mix and whisk and add things together, and she took it with great enthusiasm. So the past week or so, she’s been asking me to make pancakes with her every morning. Of course, after eating so many pancakes I’m frankly getting a little tired of them, but to keep her spirits up, I oblige to making pancakes and I let her help – the part that makes the most excited. So far, we alternate between blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes.

Have a happy breakfast!


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